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AWS's Blob storage. It provides a resiliency of 11 9's.


Amazon S3 supports a request rate of 3,500 PUT/COPY/POST/DELETE or 5,500 GET/HEAD requests per second per prefix in a bucket. If it passes this threslod it might throtle and send slow down errors.

To avoid this limitation, s3 provides ObjectStoreLocationProvider feature, which adds an S3 hash [0*7FFFFF] prefix in your specified S3 object path.

Lifecycle configurations

Allows to setup some actions upoon given rules. For example:

  • Transition actions – These actions define when objects transition to another storage class; for example, Amazon S3 Standard to Amazon S3 Glacier.
  • Expiration actions – These actions define when objects expire. Amazon S3 deletes expired objects on your behalf.

Amazon S3 object tagging

  • Can add tags to objects to mark for deletion. S3 will proceed to delete once every night